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Bootylicious Run Group Half Marathon – Spring 2020

  • STARTFeb 19th - 6:30pm

  • ENDFeb 19th - 8:00pm



Join us for Hot Mama’s 16-week run program designed for the beginner/intermediate runner. Our goal race is the Calgary Marathon half on May 31st.

What’s cool about our run group? Well, that’s easy: we don’t run at run group! Ha!

We train and strengthen the muscles you need for running to ensure your body has the strength and endurance to carry you as a runner. Don’t worry, a run program has been designed and is given as homework. We guide you through run/walk intervals using our safe and effective program to get you to the distance you’re running. 
Join us to educate yourself and train your body to get you from start line to finish line.

Event Details
February 19
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Event Organizer
Heather Johansen